MOBI Colloquium



february 14-15, 2019

key speakers and highlights

  • MOBI Grand Challenge (MGC) - Gaps, Challenges, and Future Directions

  • MGC Phase I Finalists

  • Chris Ballinger, CEO + Co-Founder, MOBI

  • Trent McConaghy, AI and Blockchain Pioneer, Ocean Protocol

  • Steven Dietz, Founder, Distributed Ventures

  • Kai Demtröder, Vice President, BMW Group

  • Michael Reuter, CEO + Co-Founder, Datarella

  • Jamie Burke, CEO, Outlier Venture

  • Arthur Breitman, CEO + Co-Founder, Tezos

  • Mike Hearn, Lead Platform Engineer, R3 

  • Prof. Dr. Gilbert Fridgen, Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab 

  • Bruce Pon, Founder, Ocean Protocol

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