MOBI Colloquiums Sponsor, Benefactor, and Exhibition opportunities deliver the greatest impact and visibility leading up to, throughout, and following the Colloquiums & Exhibitions. Align with us as a top level partner on a Title or Diamond Sponsorship level, or create a customized SX program to meet specific marketing goals with hands-on assistance from the MOBI Colloquiums Sponsorship team.



Whether your brand purchases a MOBI Colloquium Sponsorship Package, Exhibition Booth, or creates a Customized Program, it’ll deliver experiential relevance and value to thousands of industry influencers including press, technologists, ecosystem players, tastemakers, and decision makers and their millions of collective followers.


Through MOBI Colloquiums activations, branded engagements, product integrations, targeted social media efforts, and prominent logo placement, your brand has the tools to educate and engage a captive audience on what it’s doing to make a difference in the blockchain, mobility, and smart and green city ecosystems today.


So put your best foot forward. Visualize this partnership through the eyes of our attendees.


This is more than a marketing play. It’s about creating experiences that will resonate long after the event.




MOBI Colloquiums and Exhibitions highlight the integrations and overlaps between MOBI’s converging industries and smart cities.  Hosting a diverse range of forward-thinking exhibitors – from promising startups to established industry leaders.


Exhibiting at one of the many MOBI Colloquiums is the perfect marketing opportunity for your brand to gain awareness in our industry and make valuable B2B and P2P connections.


• Raw exhibit space (the exhibit floor is wood in a ballroom)

• Company description in the onsite program

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities and exhibiting at MOBI Colloquiums, please email Annabelle Sbarbatti at annabelle@mobi.world


* Additional taxes may apply